About us

Do you have a show and would like to get it broadcast on our network or Interested in sponsoring a show? Well we offer several levels of advertising. Plus we don’t stop there have a show and need a studio well that’s exactly what we offer. Contact us now and reserve a spot for your show!!!

Don’t have the location or today’s hottest gear to get you noticed? Well Mixvibes Radio Podcast/DJ Studios is a full service 24/7 audio-visual production and recording facility designed specifically for spoken word audio recording.

Do you have that interview set up but are crushed with time? Then give us a call we are located in Queens, New York. We are located in a very comfortable location with the client waiting room, restroom, and kitchen.

Mixvibes Radio Studio provides the professional environment, production expertise and music library that you have to make your very own astounding podcast segments in as meager as only one hour a week.

Listening audiences can hear the difference between someone talking and a professionally recorded podcast performance. That’s why we give scripting and creation help to each client, alongside talked word and vocal execution tips gained from earned from years of live radio broadcasting.

We can take recorded, prerecorded shows or events and get them broadcasted VIA the web internet radio streaming service with our customized promotional approach. whether it may be just an in-house studio recording or a Mixvibes Radio recording, let us do what we do and push it out for you.