Casper And CC On The Mic

Casper Martinez started his radio career in 1996 as producer of ‘El Gufeo con Moonshadow’ on CALIENTE 105.9 FM in New York City. He then went on to become a producer on ‘El Vacilon de la manana’ with Luis Jimenez and Moonshadow.For over two decade he’s worked in radio as a producer/On air and voice-over talent. Casper Martinez is an award winning Film maker, Producer and won an emmy for writing comedy in 2009.

In addition to radio, Casper Martinez has showcased his talents as a writer, producer and actor on the small screen. From 2000 to 2004, Casper served as segment producer and special correspondent on the award-winning national program Urban Latino TV (later retitled American Latino TV).
As an actor, Casper has been featured in Law & Order:CI, 100 Centre Street, Piñero, Carlito’s Way: Rise to Power and El Vacilon the movie to name a few.

CC is a Spitfire American Latina, Witty Working Mom & Wife who after years of working behind the scenes in FM radio is finally getting on the mic as Co-host of Casper & CC on the Mic bringing you the latest in pop culture, weird news and events with a side of NY bred sarcasm and comedy. She studied mass media and broadcast journalism at NYU, is passionate about women empowerment, impactful Latinos, raising a bicultural family in the US, and bringing people together through open conversations about real world social issues.

SHOW description

Casper Martinez and CC on the Mic show is a two hours entertainment variety show where Casper and CC share their views and take on everything from having kids, pop culture, movies, and topics suggested by our listeners!

Casper’s sense of humor along with CC’s wit will have you laughing and wanting more!