El Gufeo

The king of Spanish Morning radio shows Moonshadow is back on the air waves and all up in your ears via podcast. Moonshadow has over 4 decades of radio broadcasting experience and has served as the voice on radio stations across the United States. Along with Moonshadow comes Casper Martinez an Emmy winning comedy writer who’s worked on several films, television shows and has been Moon’s producer for over 20 years. El Gufeo con Moonshadow and Casper is an entertaining raunchy variety show. From local news, weird news, entertainment news and lots of pop culture bullshit. Moon and Casper share some of their behind the scene moments through out their entertainment career. You’ll love having your favorite morning radio show guys anytime you want to listen to them. El Gufeo contains strong language and situations.

Parental discretion is advised.

El papa de los programas mañaneros regresa a la radio! Moonshadow con mas de cuadro decadas en la radio ahora llegua a tus oidos via podcast. Con el se presenta su pana, productor y amigo Casper el nomada de las alcantarilla. El GUFEO con Moonshadow Y Casper es un show de variedad, comedia, y historias de los muchachos que nunca an oido en la radio FM. Aqui Moon y Casper comparten historias de sus vida en la radio, sus vida privada y lo que estan haciendo hoy en dia.

Este show es para adultos only.